The kPlaylist customizer is a tool to create custom kPlaylist scripts. Most will find this tool very useful when tuning or customizing kPlaylist. If you are installing or upgrading, it's better to use the complete version and then customize after the install or upgrade process.

 Encoding type, choose UTF-8 if english is not your native language


 English  (included by default)
 Norwegian  German
 Swedish  Dutch
 Spanish  Portuguese
 Finnish  Danish
 Russian  Swiss German
 French  Indonesian
 Italian  Traditional Chinese [&#12345]
 Traditional Chinese - big5  Traditional Chinese - gb2312
 Korean  Estonian
 Brazillian Portuguese  Simplified Chinese
 Catalan  Bulgarian
 Polish  Lithuanian
 Thai  NewNorwegian
 Japanese  Icelandic

 MySQL and Pictures

MySQL installation and upgrade routines.  Don't remove this unless you already have installed (the latest) kPlaylist. Picture pack.  Remember to fetch the images pack here if you don't have it.


MPEG3 class (    OGG class. ( .  
These classes can be skipped if you are going to use getid3.


Include comments.   Inbuilt CSS. (Download here if you don't have it.)